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I worked at Blockbuster Video at the time, and I bought Boys for Pele from the display rack. (Blockbuster Video sold CDs
To create the sound she had in mind, Grant recorded the album at the home she shares with her husband, country music star
Society has changed since Grammy-nominated adult contemporary R&B duo Kindred the Family Soul released their first single
Introducing: The Manx, a band whose absurd get-ups and performances are only a small bonus of listening to their music and
When listening to several of the tracks, I definitely had flashbacks of listening to the OTEV songs from "Big Brother" or perhaps to Rockapella singing on "Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?" that give clues to solve a puzzle. #cannotbeunheard
Justin Bieber's latest single, "Sorry," a moombahton-pop delight, opens with the line, "You have to go and get angry at all of my honesty." It's an odd choice for an apology song, Bieber prefacing his mea culpa by blaming the object of his touted remorse.
The fact that composer/vocalist Mike Kelleher just released "Mélange," an aptly named album of mixed genres, would be more newsworthy than saying he comes off as a genuinely decent person. But in these cynical times, it's actually relevant - especially given his line of work.
The uncanny similarity of Maze's vocal intonation to that of the (former) King of Pop, Michael Jackson, is remarkable. There's a uniqueness to his voice that makes it easy to get wrapped up in.
Hundreds of books have been written about Michael Jackson, but this is one of the very few must-reads to have been published since his death, forgetting his much-debated private life and shedding light on the one area most people appear least informed about; his work.
It's like eating at a place where you think the menu is pretty understandable, but every dish hits you with some crazy ingredient that actually turns out to be a relative of arugula or a specific varietal of bourbon infusion.
"Under Pressure" is undeniably the best hip-hop album of 2014 so far. This might only be Logic's debut, but "Under Pressure
The latest experimental epic from My Brightest Diamond, entitled This is My Hand, is an album with really only one problem: I have no idea what to say about it. Breaking down the fourth wall here: I'm stumped.
It's fair to say that, in our age of digitized apathy and carefully-curated online inertia, you can add singer-songwriter and bassist Meshell Ndegeocello to that long line of creative polymaths who have not only injected vital energy into the culture but repeatedly spoken truth to power.
It has been six years since LaMontagne's last solo effort, "Gossip In The Grain," and certainly he has changed as a person
Truth is, not every media interaction will be mutually beneficial. Sure, giving Iggy a cover helped us 'sell copies/get clicks
There are few albums that strike you at first listen as, for lack of a better word, "important." The Apache Relay's newest is among them.
Dooley combines brassy comedy with such an optimistic earnestness that you just want to hug her, or at least cringe while
It's been over a week since Frànçois and the Atlas Mountains released Piano Ombre, and I've taken my time in forming an opinion. You could say I wanted to be sure I loved it as much as I thought. The truth is I love it even more.
Hourglass may very well sound familiar to you. And that's okay because it may be the same river: but we all are stepping
RuPaul has just released his latest album, Born Naked. And while it should come as no shock to anyone that the album hit number 1 on the iTunes dance chart almost immediately upon its release.