Janelle Monáe delivered a tearful statement after learning her album “Dirty Computer” was nominated for a Grammy for album of the year.
“We’re lucky enough to be in a career where we don’t necessarily have to grow up," Mark Hoppus said to HuffPost.
People use the phrase "larger than life" idiomatically -- but with Prince, it was a factual data point. If you saw him live, you sensed it. If you watched his incredible Super Bowl performance, you felt it.
An exclusive premiere of the "American Idol" alum's new track, "If We Keep Doing Nothing."
I recognize a handful of photographs, however most of them are new to me. On their shiny surfaces, they looked like ordinary
Albums show us what we were and how our generations have evolved. We resemble our past and will absolutely make the same
We're tired of your broken promises and stalled projects! 😒
Had an interesting discussion with my brother about the packaging and personality of music -- the lost art of album covers and lyric inserts.
The power residing in the single is malleable. Perhaps the time has come for musicians and label executives to begin treating singles and albums as two separate entities.
CommonUnion59 is made up of two people: Steve McKenzie and Laura Malasig. Their latest offering, Heartbeat Serenade, is slated for release shortly and boy, is it a doozy!
Quincy brought me on to write vocal charts as well as provide great singers on his new album, "Body Heat." As I listened
Whether it's playing air guitar to Led Zeppelin or listening to Stevie Wonder on vinyl while we do yoga together in the morning, I've always felt it was important to celebrate my favorite music with my son. Here are some of classics that we both love.
Battle Born, The Killers' fourth album over a decade-spanning career, is a spiritual successor to their sophomore album Sam's Town in that it is a love letter to the band's home state of Nevada.