alcatraz island

The 33-foot "Trump Chicken" balloon sailed around Alcatraz Island on Sunday.
Seven installations by Chinese dissident artist Ai Weiwei sprout amid the rusting steel bars, broken windows and peeling paint of a cellblock, a dining hall, hospital ward, and a forced labor facility.
Alcatraz has seen it all, people-wise: federal prisoners, Native American protesters, and, in its current state as one of
"I have no logical explanation for the girl in the picture -- I'm baffled by her! It's funny because she's staring right
Another version of this article omitted Sheppeard's first residence on Alcatraz in 1934 for length, but has been added back
Alcatraz began as a military fort and lockup during the Civil War era. Workers leveled areas of the rocky mound, named "Isle
In the early 1960s, the federal government shut down the famous prison on Alcatraz, which housed inmates like Al Capone and
It's hard to believe that vivacious Robert Luke is nearly 85 years old. Even harder to believe, though, is that this delightful octogenarian is also Robert "Cold Blue" Luke, who did time at one of the world's most notorious prisons.
Gasp after gasp was met with mouthfuls of the Pacific and soon panic was crashing over me. I was choosing the psychopath less traveled by. As I plowed forward, I prayed that there was no beastly guardian, unseen but for a fin, following in my wake.
Lam lives in Chinatown but swims at the Martin Luther King, Jr. pool in Bayview with Martin and Des Roches, both of whom
The very name, Alcatraz, stirs fear and excitement at the thought of the stories of the men incarcerated there. It was hoped that the location would make it escape-proof, and therefore, a good place to put the worst of the worst.