Alcohol Abuse

"They weren't doing their homework," the actor said in a new interview with The Messenger.
The “Full House” alum says he “kept drinking” to drown his woes from the "disappointing" incident.
"Those of us who struggle with alcoholism and addiction have internalized the pervasive message that we are simply screw-ups."
A clip of Perry talking about the “best thing about me, bar none” resurfaced over the weekend shortly after his death was made public.
The actor reflected on his perilous journey while traversing the canyons of Wyoming with famed adventurer Bear Grylls.
While the app has strict rules prohibiting branded content promoting alcohol, creators are still allegedly making money drinking to excess — and at least one has died.
"Why did it take over 25 trips to the ER and countless near-death experiences to find this help?"
Ritter recently said his struggles with alcoholism nearly derailed his relationship with Lynskey early on.
Barry Michels explained why he stopped sessions with Barrymore, and gave an update on where they currently stand.
The actor said her daytime talk show has given her new motivation to avoid alcohol: "I can’t handle this unless I’m in a really clear place."