The plan is to remove all regulations and consumer protections so that corporations can optimize profits.
• "For far too long," he then told his audience, "a small group in our nation's capital have reaped the rewards of government
Ironically, the oil and gas front groups pushing Colorado Initiative 71 assert that outside special interests are "polluting" Colorado's Constitution. Corporate lobbyists led by oil and gas represent the largest wealthy special interest.
"I've been told by some of the staff it's been useful to them," White told SNL Energy Finance Daily in a recent interview
In the meantime, will ALEC be a barrier to SMART ALEC keeping their name? "State, county, and local election officials and
This month, nineteen United States Senators called attention to the Web of Denial, a network of front groups that oppose any productive action to combat climate change.
As Democrat Senators spent two days this week outlining the cash funneled to front groups in the fossil fuel-funded climate "Web of Denial," predictably, some of the spiders started crawling out of that web.
ALEC is to legislation what McDonalds is to fast food, but even better because they also deliver. Looking for a way to advance
An overwhelming majority of Americans and business leaders support policies that incentivize investment in and development of clean energy. We hope that you'll join the push toward the clean energy economy and invest in the clean energy sources that increasingly are powering America and the world.
According to John Thompson, "The corporate reform Center for Reinventing Public Education (CRPE) has gained a foothold in
We can and must do the same when it comes to protecting our voting rights and addressing big moneyed interests' disproportional sway in our politics. Corporate influence over our democracy is one of the biggest threats to our food, water and climate.
If the Chamber of Commerce is not really the voice of its members as it claims, whose voice does the Chamber really represent, and why?
The new website Grading the States: Business Climate Rankings and the Real Path to Prosperity debunks the state rankings
The American Legislative Exchange Council's three annual meetings are quite the spectacle. This month, at ALEC's third and final meeting of the year in Scottsdale, Arizona, I had an interesting encounter with a member of ALEC's board of directors.
A Ford spokesperson, Christin Baker, confirmed the ALEC grant to the Center for Media and Democracy/PRWatch, but said that the funding was not intended to be used by ALEC to block action on climate change.
A wolf pack of in-state utilities and out-of-state petrochemical billionaires has attacked Ohio's clean energy law, threatening to kill clean jobs and wreak further damage on the environment.
ALEC and its members, including the American Federation for Children (AFC), have become more powerful than our citizens' voices at the State Capitol. Despite massive public urging for adequate K-12 public education funding, Republicans legislators aren't listening.