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Poor, poor Alec Baldwin. No one ever lets him be furious in peace. The "30 Rock" star recently traveled to Paradise Island
4-and what's with Scarborough, barking at his guests in that Hannity-esque Catholic school gym teacher style? — ABFoundation
Direct communication is the best way to do so. It's never easy to talk to someone who has upset you, when you have something negative to say or with a fight in the air.
"He's a big personality. I have confidence that he'll be known for his interviews, not for any extraordinary ...," says Griffin
BuzzFeed called the selfies "odd," but this is possibly the most whimsical and least contentious thing to come out of Alec
Last month, Cooper had taken to Twitter in the wake of Baldwin's controversial Twitter meltdown against Daily Mail writer
Celebrity hothead Alec Baldwin took to Howard Stern for a discussion of acting, "30 Rock" and, most importantly, Twitter
At a party hosted in Gallery 151 in New York City yesterday, Vanity Fair caught up with Baldwin to learn if we'll ever enjoy
After wrapping "30 Rock" earlier this year, Baldwin signed on for more projects. He appears in Woody Allen's upcoming film
Alec Baldwin and his wife Hilaria Baldwin attended the late "Sopranos" actor James Gandolfini's funeral Thursday morning, but while they were among mourners at the New York City church, Hilaria's Twitter account appeared to remain active.