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The "30 Rock" star recently traveled to Paradise Island in the Bahamas with his wife, Hilaria, and their 5–month–old daughter
The actor and newly minted MSNBC host was publicly warned by the network's president, Phil Griffin, to stop picking so many
Direct communication is the best way to do so. It's never easy to talk to someone who has upset you, when you have something negative to say or with a fight in the air.
Alec Baldwin is never one to shy away from his emotions, but apparently MSNBC would like him to share them a little less
The Words With Friends player has struggled with the 140-character medium in the past. He's ranted, and quit Twitter, and
Now, in an interview with Howard Stern, Baldwin suggested that the CNN anchor's commentary may have been linked to some residual
Celebrity hothead Alec Baldwin took to Howard Stern for a discussion of acting, "30 Rock" and, most importantly, Twitter
Last week, Alec Baldwin made headlines for something far less glamorous than a new TV show or Broadway play. The talented
After wrapping "30 Rock" earlier this year, Baldwin signed on for more projects. He appears in Woody Allen's upcoming film
Alec Baldwin and his wife Hilaria Baldwin attended the late "Sopranos" actor James Gandolfini's funeral Thursday morning, but while they were among mourners at the New York City church, Hilaria's Twitter account appeared to remain active.
Below, a screenshot of Baldwin's now disabled Twitter account which displays his rant against reports that his pregnant wife
After a painful-to-read-about feud with comedian Jenny Johnson over ex-girlfriend Rihanna blew up in his face, Chris Brown
"My daughter, @IrelandBBaldwin, baked this and I can't have any. #lifecanbecruel," Alec Baldwin tweeted along with a photo
While some members of the fashion industry were nursing hangovers from Opening Ceremony's 10th anniversary bash at Webster
At a concert on Sunday, Williams Jr. again ranted against Obama, who he described as a Muslim "who hates cowboys, hates cowgirls
The "30 Rock" actor, 54, and his bride, 28, tied the knot on June 30 in a New York City church in front of guests including
"I'll never forget the first job I got," Baldwin told Letterman. "I had done the soap in New York, and they paid you, you
The actor and active Twitter user went on to write that electing Obama's opponent ("a corporate puppet") would mean a return
Alec Baldwin took some pretty big digs at "Today" on Wednesday, blasting his network's morning show for camping outside his
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