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"I looked down and I saw I was gushing blood everywhere," Warwick said. At a hearing to help Common Pleas Judge Christopher
He is facing 21 counts of attempted homicide and other charges. An April affidavit also referenced a document Hribal wrote
Seven percent of public school students in grades 9-12 reported being threatened or injured with a weapon at school in the
We have decided that we live in a world where nobody has anything to do with anything. And most human beings are, apparently, content to leave it at that. After all, they can do nothing about any of this. So what can be expected of them...?
Dave Bondy joins HuffPost Live to discuss the Pennsylvania School Stabbing which left 21 students injured.
No one was killed, but two victims were in critical condition on Wednesday evening. Hribal was charged with attempted murder
Bill Evans, Gracey's father, is a former Franklin Regional School Board director. He told The Huffington Post that the school