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His career was built on a code of silence. HuffPost spoke to one man who broke it.
The nomination battle sparked a reckoning at the judge's alma mater. "Students feel pretty deeply betrayed," one said.
Yale professor and "Tiger Mom" Amy Chua, who's a Kavanaugh cheerleader, told the young woman to look "outgoing."
The "judicial branch is not immune" to misconduct, he says in end-of-year report.
The veteran of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit says he's "not too worried" about the allegations.
Judge Alex Kozinski's family fled communism when he was a child.
It's something that almost never happens in the justice system.
In a series of searing questions, the three judges expressed frustration and anger that California state judges were not cracking down on prosecutorial misconduct. By law, federal judges are supposed to defer to the decisions of state court judges.
Our cellphones track our every movement. Our credit cards or web browsers turn us into consumers to be marketed. An ordinary
And that may reflect the deciding difference between Gingrich and Romney in Florida. While some voters don't like Romney