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Writers tend to feel inspired by writers that are both from their own time and before them. When a reader picks up Ashley Mansour's debut novel, Blood, Ink & Fire, it's easy to spot similarities to Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451.
Until "XXL" opens on July 3, 2015, we'll leave you this while you recoup: The road-trip sequel will feature most of the non
In “Winter’s Tale,” Russell Crowe threatens Peter with hell demons. Two lines of dialogue in “Winter’s Tale”: “What’s the
Valentine's Day is just around the corner, which means you should be thinking about those perfect plans -- whether those
3 popped kernels (Scale: 0-4) Through tumultuous times, butler Cecil Gaines serves eight different Presidents with unwavering
Back on or just friends? Alex Pettyfer was reportedly seen cozying up to his ex-fiancee (and Elvis Presley's granddaughter
Pettyfer is used to showing off his body onscreen: he was a co-star in last year's "Magic Mike" and has the lead in Universal's
Just yesterday, Hough -- who's been heating up Coachella with her endless legs and array of short shorts -- was seen "holding
Chris Daughtry tweeted: "Stricter gun laws will not stop SICK people from getting access to guns...Laws & rules are not in
According to Katie Walsh at Indiewire's blog The Playlist, "Magic Mike" belongs to Tatum -- something that may not come as
Steven Soderbergh's male stripper movie "Magic Mike" has finally released its naughty NSFW Red Band trailer, which features
The new stripper movie "Magic Mike," (in theaters June 29th) has no shortage of hot male stars (Channing Tatum, Joe Manganiello
The couple were spotted on Monday getting lunch in Los Angeles and no one could ignore the giant rock Keough was sporting
"Magic Mike" hits theaters on June 29. Usually, the headline "Matthew McConaughey Shirtless" is about unsurprising as it
Casting for Hunger Games' Katniss Everdeen may have been tough, but casting fellow tribute Peeta was even harder! Although
When Will awakes, he finds that Henry has given him all his years and then let himself die. So Will heads off to New Greenwich
The "White Collar" star was one of the handsome leading men who played in the male stripper ensemble in the upcoming Steven
Matthew McConaughey, Channing Tatum, Alex Pettyfer, and Matt Bomer all showed off their sexy six-packs shirtless yesterday