Alex Smith

And get this: Smith says in an upcoming ESPN documentary that he hopes to play again.
The injury happened 33 years to the day after another Washington quarterback suffered a horrific break.
Filmed on location in Paradise Valley, Livingston and Bozeman, Walking Out earns the "Made-in-Montana" label. Indeed, Andrew and Alex Smith revere their art as the act of sharing a point of view of both visual and emotional truth.
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The Seahawks have not lost at home since December 2011. Their quarterback Russell Wilson has never lost a home game as a
5) Addition By Subtraction? When Cleveland dealt second-year running back Trent Richardson to Indianapolis and promoted Brian
The Seahawks' ability to play straight man coverage in this day and age of high-powered aerial attacks is incredible. Against
Alex Smith is the best quarterback in the National Football League, according to Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator
The Boston Herald reports that Tom Brady was so happy at the Kentucky Derby because he won around $25,000 on Orb.
Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors scored an NBA season-high of 54 points (over half of his team's total) last night in a loss to the Knicks 109-105.