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"The Circus" host told Stephen Colbert that Democrats' recapture of the House will keep Trump's administration busy.
"The claim that every signer of the Declaration of Independence had no elected office experience is absolutely not true."
MSNBC's Alex Wagner married White House chef Sam Kass on Saturday. The wedding took place at Blue Hill at Stone Barns outside
And it won't go away until we start winning some of the battles that will make life a little better for millions of people
Wagner's move is the latest shakeup for MSNBC, which saw the departure of Alec Baldwin last month after his alleged anti
MSNBC's Alex Wagner is engaged to White House chef Sam Kass. Sources familiar with the engagement confirmed the news to Politico
Paul went on Wagner's show Thursday to discuss his new venture, The Ron Paul Channel. In the process, Wagner asked him about
"Is this something that you would reconsider doing?" Wagner asked on Thursday. "This station --" Wagner tried to interject
Alex Wagner's heated debate with Ron Paul
On Alex Wagner's Friday show, the MSNBC host and panel weighed in on the RNC's decision to not partner with CNN and NBC due
On her MSNBC show, Alex Wagner revisits Mitt Romney's 2012 election debate flubs and questions whether RNC Chairman Reince Priebus has just realized that Romney was a "terrible candidate."
When half the people consulting on your show about how a newsroom operates -- a show that's called The Newsroom -- now lead lives that often involve working half-days and being ushered to and from work in free town cars, realism is going to suffer.
Alex Wagner and guest Douglas Holtz-Eakin had a testy conversation about the budget on Wagner's show on Tuesday. "Let's just
"If you don't vote, you're an idiot...Drives me crazy. We're going to hear about it tomorrow. The haters all voted, they
Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy MSNBC's NOW panel on Wednesday discussed Mitt
See the Ryan discussion at 08:21 Ryan, Mitt Romney's new running mate, has drawn heated criticism over his inability to pass
Wagner reacted to these events somberly when filling in for Lawrence O'Donnell on Monday's "Last Word." "What these statistics
Many Americans re-adopted a mythology about wealth that had been discredited and abandoned by most of the world in the 20th century. We need to transform ourselves, remove the blinders, and see things as they really are.