Alexander the Great

Bactrian coins were often struck for non-Greeks. They served both "Greek and oriental subjects and language." He sees the
Much of science, medicine, mathematics, theater, music and art come to us from ancient Greece, representing the highest of human virtues. This fascinating world of Gods, majestic temples, and stunning antiquities will be the experience of a lifetime.
When a museum exhibition is referred to as a blockbuster, one expects its major draw to be something along the lines of Mona Lisa, or Girl with a Pearl Earring. However, the exhibition that just opened at The Getty Center has nothing of the sort, and still, it is a bona fide blockbuster.
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With picturesque villages, a wine region, modest mountains, lovely lakeside resorts, Macedonia is rich in history, gorgeous scenery, a favorable exchange rate, and welcoming people.
The three-chamber tomb dates back to the 4th Century B.C. and the reign of Alexander the Great. Just recently, archaeologists
Authorities said further testing would be carried out to learn more about the cremated remains and determine if any of the
Desert God is the fifth book in the Ancient Egypt series. The novel brings to life the struggle between a defeated Egypt and its foreign invaders, the Hyksos.
I love the meaning of things. The moment when the supernova cloud of confusion lifts to reveal a clear cohesive flow of 'aha' moments -- clarity of vision.
The ministry plans a thorough analysis of the skeletal remains and is set to announce the results on Nov. 29. According to
According to different archaeological explanations the two sculptures -- the Lion and Sphinxes -- symbolize the power and strength of the Macedonian dynasty, consequently the power and impact of the person or the persons most likely buried inside the monument of Amphipolis.
The disclosure of the remains of the great conqueror and demigod to many, Alexander, is nothing less than a dream-discovery to the archaeologists and historians around the world.
Archaeologists in northern Greece have discovered what appears to be the entrance to a giant tomb dating back to the reign of Alexander the Great.
Sugar. Talk of it is everywhere. It's one of the leading causes of obesity and diabetes in our country. It is an ingredient so common to us that it is difficult to imagine a world without it.
He returned only six months later when the feud was papered over. But his future throne was still tilting precariously, not
In 2010 I and a friend, Adam Sulkowski, made a journey to the snow-capped Hindu Kush in search of this ancient European pagan people living in an unstable Muslim country. This is our story.
Unless I missed something, there was nothing particularly awesome about that experience. I'm not sure what is awesome these
Ah! The joys and tribulations of being surrounded by stacks of books at my bedside, my husband's bedside, books tucked into every available nook and cranny, piled high on every tabletop and stacked double on every shelf, making it impossible to navigate around safely.
Could wine containing a potentially lethal dose of a white flowering plant have caused the death of one of the world's most fearless leaders?