Alexander Vindman

The former national security aide said he was targeted for serving as a key witness in the former president’s first impeachment case.
"What happened to me and my brother is an outrage — one of many committed by the former president and his staff," Yevgeny Vindman said.
The Republican member of Congress attempted to blame Russia's invasion of Ukraine on President Joe Biden, prompting a fiery Twitter exchange.
The former national security aide offered key testimony during Donald Trump's first impeachment. Trump later fired him.
The former California governor said wearing a mask during a pandemic is not about freedom. It's about saving lives.
Florida senator forgot the extortion part of Donald Trump's impeachment, Rachel Vindman reminded him.
“The first time I felt threatened was just after Alex’s testimony” against Trump at the impeachment hearings, Rachel Vindman revealed.
Trump "likes authoritarian strongmen," so he tries to please Putin, said Alexander Vindman, whose White House career ended after his impeachment testimony.
The key impeachment witness said his decision was prompted by a "campaign of bullying, intimidation and retaliation” by the president and his allies.
Vindman, a key witness in Donald Trump’s impeachment trial, is retiring over alleged “bullying” by the president.