alexandra billings

The "Transparent" actress, who is trans, makes her Broadway debut in the acclaimed new comedy.
Alexandra Billings opens up about her "Transparent” co-star and why she believes the sexual harassment allegations.
“When cis people play trans parts, they’re focused on playing trans. When we play a trans role, we play a character.”
The transgender community has its own series -- many, in fact -- waiting to be told.
Billings said you can expect Devina to continue to be Maura's support system and Shea's friend throughout the season. "I
I understand being concerned for the safety of your loved ones, but for some reason, you've confused "transgender" with "predator." This seems like a problem that could easily be solved with a dictionary.
Lesbian film luminary, Guinevere Turner guest stars in the brand new episode of Capitol Hill. Waxie Moon returns as Roses Smell in need of much therapy.
An actor, a writer and an awards forecaster discuss the possibility of gender-blind acting categories at the Academy Awards.