Alexandria, Virginia

“We’re all making choices today,” the Republican said when he was called out.
Authorities say the reptile that was found in a Virginia neighborhood was likely a pet and was released into “the wild by well-meaning pet owners.”
The former Army intelligence analyst had been in custody since May after refusing to testify before a grand jury about her ties to WikiLeaks.
The Alexandria Blue Boy stamp carried a letter between a secretly courting couple 172 years ago, with instructions to burn it after reading.
Police in Virginia declared Jholie Moussa a runaway juvenile when she vanished. Now they're investigating a homicide.
“I believe that the people who shot and killed Bijan should be held accountable. Doesn’t matter if they are police officers or civilians."
They were participating in a "red rose rescue" demonstration.
"I just don’t take him seriously ... it sounded so hollow and vapid,” Richard Spencer says.
One staffer for House Majority Whip Steve Scalise said the ad made his "stomach turn."