Alexis Tsipras

This article first appeared at Forbes online. Greece is a bit like your dissolute brother-in-law. A spendthrift, he gets
The blaze has destroyed more than 34,590 acres of farms and forests.
Galbraith is right in putting his critique of the EU-IMF policies of almost fanatical austerity in the context of Greek realities
"The measures will be a tombstone for growth prospects."
To depose Suharto, two deceptions were necessary. The first involved forging an I.M.F. public position of open hostility
Speculation that the IMF would pressure Greece to negotiate is "nonsense," says a letter rife with thinly veiled criticism.
A letter from Greek prime minister Alexis Tsipras questions whether the country "can trust" the lender.
The IMF is objecting to a plan that has the support of Greece’s business community and the European Commission.
While Syriza created neither the economic crisis nor the refugee crisis, its incompetence and opportunism have worsened their impacts on Greece and have undermined the country's position within Europe.
"Everything points to Greece being able to bounce back. As long as the mistakes of the past are not repeated."