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Austerity might seem to visit an element of justice on the spendthrift borrowers. However, creditors who cheerfully and wildly
The blaze has destroyed more than 34,590 acres of farms and forests.
Second, the Greek debt was never "sustainable." Instead of writing-down the Greek debt and recapitalizing the Greek, French
"The measures will be a tombstone for growth prospects."
That episode and its manipulations are not unique in the political world. It is useful, though, after time and events unfold
Speculation that the IMF would pressure Greece to negotiate is "nonsense," says a letter rife with thinly veiled criticism.
A letter from Greek prime minister Alexis Tsipras questions whether the country "can trust" the lender.
The IMF is objecting to a plan that has the support of Greece’s business community and the European Commission.
While Syriza created neither the economic crisis nor the refugee crisis, its incompetence and opportunism have worsened their impacts on Greece and have undermined the country's position within Europe.
"Everything points to Greece being able to bounce back. As long as the mistakes of the past are not repeated."
It's a high-stakes Davos visit for Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras.
Devastating terrorist attacks, months of insecurity about the Eurozone, huge electoral victories for populist parties, an unprecedented refugees crisis... there is no doubt that 2015 was Europe's annus horribilis.
If the Greek government had any courage or stature, it would reject this migratory grotesque created by Europe and America with a loud "No!" and point the refugees abroad, putting them on a direct path to the United Kingdom, France and the United States, the perpetrators of this tragedy.