alfonso cuaron

"It's a film that made me happy," the director said of his sophomore feature, which accelerated his career despite underperforming at the box office.
The actor made the powerful remarks while presenting the award for Best Foreign Language Film to "Roma."
“If I do something wrong, they might think we are all that way. So I have to take good care of that image, our image,” the actress said.
HuffPost Mexico’s editor-in-chief challenges fans of the actress to consider how they treat historically oppressed people in their own lives.
The Mexican actress has made waves for her role in Alfonso Cuarón’s movie “Roma.”
Alfonso Cuarón's semi-autobiographical film is Netflix's first Best Picture nominee.
Alfonso Cuarón's moving film is a first-rate Oscar contender. But, as is becoming standard for Netflix, it didn't get there without a lot of drama.
What if Wes Anderson or Quentin Tarantino made food tutorials? The results might look something like this.