Alfred E. Neuman

The president apparently thinks he started his presidential campaign on Election Day.
The iconic comic has been around for nearly 70 years.
"I had to Google it," said the Democratic presidential candidate. "I guess it's just a generational thing. I didn't get the reference."
After falling dramatically last Wednesday in reaction to concerns about political setbacks and controversies in the nascent
Matt Furie created a new creepy-cute frog illustration in MAD Magazine.
The February 2016 cover of MAD, advertises "The 20 Dumbest People, Events and Things in 2015 and Guess Who's #1?" illustrating the story with the perennially insouciant Alfred E. Neuman sporting The Donald's infamous hair do and getup replete with red tie and giving a thumbs up to his mentor who looms threatening over the shoulder of a new found protégé.
The issue comes out April 21st and, to commemorate the occasion, "Weird Al" and John Ficarra were foolish enough to agree to talk to me.
The usual gang of idiots over at MAD Magazine have been churning out Star Wars parodies as cheap cash grabs since the beginning
The usual gang of idiots over at MAD Magazine have once again set their sights on the dumbest things of the year. 2013 had quite a few dumb things take place in it and, as ever, MAD took aim at political absurdities.
We're unveiling to you exclusively the desecrated cover of Batman #19, written by Scott Snyder and with art by Andy Kubert and Sandra Hope. The original cover to Batman #19 teases the idea that Bruce Wayne might be using a gun, which is antithetical to his moral code.