alfred hitchcock

In a feast for movie lovers, the world's most famous directors get contrasting spotlights.
More intriguing, though, is the story line. There's no time spent in Rome. Judah isn't adopted by anyone. In a clever twist
I collect ghost stories. I don't believe in ghosts--but I'll read any and all types of haunting stories. One of my favorites
"I said, 'No. We're not doing that. We're not doing that screen test.'"
It was an infamous movie called Roar, however, that was most personal to the actress. Hedren and her then-husband Noel Marshall
"So when I was in London [for the Most Imaginative Bartender global finals], I was like, how far away is the room that the
Talking about the new, how come Trachtenberg has ditched his trademark baseball cap and plaid flannel shirts of his past
I have chosen to analyze Rebecca in terms of Hitchcock's use of genre and how it contributes to, complicates or takes away from the film.
Success in presidential politics is all about adjectives - getting voters to associate the right adjectives with their candidate. You know, words like trustworthy, brave, unwavering, god-fearing, concerned, presidential. I would choose one or two different adjectives to describe my candidate.
"He just gets up, and the legs of the chair are sticking straight out."
While not trying to explain away, "redeem" or even make his character likable, Johnson says he and show-runners did hope
"One of the great ironies about Dimitri Tiomkin is that he is a Russian-born composer, now recognized for having written
These days the lamp beside the golden door is flickering, uniformly doused by the band of Republican presidential wannabes, their wildly applauding supporters at speeches and rallies, their cheerleaders on Fox News, and scattered Democrats, all of whom reject welcoming the wretched refuse of the teeming Syrian shore.