This creature may have inspired legends of sea serpents.
Experts say insomnia is common after a major scare.
"Something about the Algarve just draws you back... and, every time you return, you find a new little village or you discover a new beach you didn't know. This place is magical that way."
The secret to taking control of your retirement in 2016 and making this phase of life a grand adventure, even if your nest egg is modest, is expanding your horizons. Take your retirement global. But where should you go? Here are your 12 best options for where to retire overseas.
I've travelled to Portugal's Algarve so regularly, I've got into something of a routine now, heading west from Faro airport to Alvor, a fishing village in the western Algarve, which retains its olde worlde charm, with a tangle of cobbled streets and fishermen still bringing in their catch every day.
credit: Andrea R. Vaucher credit: Andrea R. Vaucher The next day, Debra and I drove south to the Costa de la Luz to visit
Thanks to the roaring, soaring Greenback, more of the Old World is more affordable right now than it's been in a long time. No COLA? No problem.
Central America is recognized as the place to shop for a top retirement option if you're retiring on a budget. Indeed, a retiree's nest egg can stretch far in this accessible, sunny, and affordable region. But here's news: A retiree's nest egg can stretch just as far right now in Portugal.
What comes to mind when you think of Portugal? Cathedrals? Historic sites? Sixteenth Century explorers? Former colonies in Asia? Lethal jellyfish? How about some of the best hiking in the world.
Thanks to a soaring dollar and a collapsing euro, retirement in Europe is a more affordable and therefore a more realistic idea than it's been in nearly two decades. In particular, one usually overlooked corner of Europe deserves your attention right now.
Welcome to Marinha Beach, on the southern coast of Portugal. It's been named one of the best beaches in the world for its
Photographer Gus Petro has shown us what London might look like if it were placed on Portugal's rugged Atlantic facing coast, instead of the more temperate River Thames.
Featuring everything from idyllic Mediterranean getaways to the breathtaking landscapes of Scandinavia, here's the list of Europe Hottest Summer Destinations for 2013, straight from thousands of real travelers.
The recession and rising unemployment may be grabbing the headlines in Portugal but, for visitors, there is much to lift the spirits. A wave of recent openings around the country present a great set of reason to visit Portugal now.
There were certainly things that I expected to see and experience while traveling in Portugal ---- seafood, beaches, old churches -- but, for every expectation fulfilled, a surprise cropped up.