TV footage showed crowds gathering around the smoking and flaming wreckage near Boufarik airport southwest of Algiers.
Algeria's queer scene is certainly alive, but is muted and suppressed. There are no civil rights or legal protections and little-to-no safe private space for meeting. Therefore, gay men occupy the only place where they can find other like-minded men: the street.
BY TRACY MORAN - OZY But is it safe? The perception is that “maintenance isn’t taken as seriously” in Africa, Perschon says
Another was situated in the old bustling Khan El Khalili district of Cairo at one point, but also shut down decades later
While mass protests and civil unrest were unprecedented in much of the rest of the region prior to January of this year, Algeria has had a long history of political upheaval.
Algerian protesters clash with police in a shantytown in the capital for second day. Read more on Al Jazeera.
[caption id="attachment_3988" align="alignleft" width="590" caption="Scene from the movie The Battle of Algiers"][/caption
Director Florent-Emilio Sari definitely has a knack for playing the audience. He makes the most of his Moroccan locations, finding an eerie beauty in the barren landscape.
Warren and his attorney could not be located for comment.### Last year she, and another woman in Algiers, independently reported