Ali Forney Center

A conservative estimate would put over 200,000 homeless LGBTQ youth on the streets of the United States. There are fewer than 500 beds dedicated to them.
It is urgently clear that with this new administration, homeless LGBT youths will need the support of our community and our allies more than ever before.
Sometimes kids can be so cruel. “You’re a disgusting abomination. You make me want to vomit in my mouth. I should have the
The annual Judy Garland tribute will benefit homeless LGBT youth.
The annual "Night of a Thousand Judys" will benefit homeless LGBT youth.
A fundraiser to buy the ATLAH World Missionary Church is a success.
The last thing Manning would ever fathom for the church space is it becoming NYC's largest homeless shelter and resource center for LGBTQ African American youth. And the Ali Forney Center has launched a fundraising drive to grab the space.
An LGBT advocacy group hopes to secure the ATLAH World Missionary Church for its homeless clients.