If there was one overarching message to come out of last week's Thrive conference, it's that the traditional vision of success -- one that values money and power above all else -- is seriously wanting. And it's time for a change.
If you are in a restaurant with friends and a fabulous song comes on, would you be overcome with a desire to jump up and
Ali Wentworth sits down with Marc to talk about hosting the Humane Society of the United States’ annual "To the Rescue!" event
"I define success not financially or if you're in Us Weekly, I define it by the quality of life," Wentworth said. "My family
Ali Wentworth joins Marc to answer some of the Huffington Post's "Third Metric" questions.
The Dougie had Kate Upton. Twerking had Miley Cyrus. And now Twogging, the act of twerking on or around a dog, has its own
George Stephanopoulos recently found himself in an unlikely situation when he sang with Muppets on stage in a large auditorium
Fourth of July seems like the appropriate time to address why so many viewers are aggressively breaking away from conventional "talk show" television and moving towards alternate means of entertainment.
Imagine your life as a sitcom, and when things start to get bad, just hear that laugh track.
With this in mind, Wentworth weighed in on the notion of "having it all." Watch the full clip above, and head over to HuffPost
You know the 3D animated feature Hotel Transylvania is for kids because it starts with diaper changing, fart, and piss jokes aplenty. Fortunately, it moves on to be a father-daughter tale about tolerance.
Beliebers are in for a treat: Justin Bieber is headed to "The X Factor." Bieber expressed his excitement about being a celebrity
Chris Diamantopoulos heads to "The Goodwin Games." The real-life husband of one of the show's stars, Becki Newton, will play
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