n what is billed as India's very first street art festival the south Delhi neighborhood of Shahpur Jat hosted a collection of international and local artists this spring to paint murals while a public who is not quite acquainted with public art asked many questions.
These shows may not be classics through and through, but they are definitely among Netflix's better offerings.
"HOME IMPROVEMENT" "ALIAS" "ANGEL" "ROSEANNE" "SEX AND THE CITY" Two warnings: You may spontaneously laugh and/or cry while
And because we can never have enough female empowerment on television — fictional or otherwise — we’re taking a look at some
So many TV shows, it seems, are partly about whatever the plot is doing, and partly about how beautiful a woman is.
What are the odds you are unknowingly friends with an undercover agent? Since agencies like the FBI Customs and DEA don't
"Alias" star Jennifer Garner reunited with her TV dad Victor Garber and Bradley Cooper. Garner had an emotional reunion with
There have been a lot of comparisons between "Deception" and ABC's "Revenge." Are you familiar with that show and what you
I realize the landscape of North Carolina is intoxicating and it must be tempting just to use what you have in every single scene. But Homeland is set in D.C. and some accuracy would be nice, even if it means having Dana and Finn go somewhere besides the Washington Monument.
Currently, the titular character on "Nikita" (Maggie Q) is also busting skulls and taking names, as is an unlikely lady on
In a new interview promoting her film "The Odd Life of Timothy Green," Garner revealed she'd be on board for an "Alias" reboot
For Netflix, the biggest competition might not be from Amazon or Hulu or Redbox, but rather from itself. Despite picking
At its most basic level, a pseudonym is a prank. Yet the motives that lead writers to assume an alias are infinitely complex
Mademoiselle Robot Meet Laetitia Wajnapel, another blogger with multiple roles on her plate. Juggling editorial and social
So I didn't go to the beach this summer, but I tend to think of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo as my beach read gone wrong.