Alice Neel

William Thompson, Burning Too (2016), oil on canvas, 44 x 53 inches Yes, the model that I used for this piece is a really
Nasreen Mohamedi, installation view. The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Copyright 2016. The Met Breuer: Bridging the Gap Between
The famously reclusive and curmudgeonly photographer/filmmaker Robert Frank smiles throughout the documentary Don't Blink
Anyone looking around New York City for something to do this weekend might want to check out the Japan Society in Manhattan
San Francisco has got to be proud of Barry McGee. Born and raised in SF, McGee is perhaps one of the most influential artists to come out of the Bay Area, achieving global recognition as one of the world's most successful living artists today.
While the Wellesley College's Davis Museum has an impressive collection featuring artists from Pollock to Monet, Alice Neel's portrait of "Wellesley Girls" fascinates me.
Nothing. But I love stories of people stealing art just because they love it so much and have to have it. I respect that
Personally, we're impressed when people can crochet a scarf. So when we stumbled upon Jo Hamilton's detailed crochet portraits
HuffPost Arts would like to officially thank moms everywhere for their countless gifts of strength and inspiration. What
The exhibition 'Late Portraits & Still Lifes' will show at David Zwirner Gallery from May 4 to June 23. Born in 1900 in Pennsylvania
From the nearly 700 postsfeatured on Painters' Table in 2011, the following twenty represent a unique take on the state of painting in 2011.
On a free afternoon during a recent lecture trip to Eugene, Oregon, I stopped by the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art to see
Artist and feminist icon Alice Neel was a woman ahead of her time: "If she had been satisfied with the paragon of what women were supposed to be in her era, she would have accomplished nothing!"
Snowbound January days, it seems, were good for painting, reading, and blogging, at least if the painting blogosphere is an indicator.
On a personal level, I want to say "thank God" that the year 2010 is coming to an end, but artistically speaking it was definitely a year to remember.
Exhibition Spotlight is an at-a-glance look at an exhibit we think you should know about. WHY: Showing figurative art these
When I think about artists who excel at portraiture, I am thinking about those whom courageously and in the most uncompromising way swore to tell the truth, and nothing but the truth.
Victoria Miro, London Through July 30, 2010 "In the Company of Alice Neel" runs concurrently