Alice Walton

Once Nick Melvoin joins the Los Angeles Unified School District board, he’s going to require all high school civics teachers
A League of Their Own's Geena Davis, is doing something extremely important this week in, of all places, Bentonville, Arkansas. The Geena Davis Institute on Gender and Media has is supporting her effort to call attention to the unacceptable reality in which women, both behind and in front of the camera, find themselves in Hollywood.
We must do more than just call Walmart out for their truly shameful practices. Without unions or government rules, companies like Walmart will never do the right thing.
Plucked From Obscurity The following artists all hail from a different corner of America. None of them had been exhibited
Northeast | West | Midwest | South Hiromi Mizugai Moneyhun, 37 This story is one in a series of four profiles on unknown
This story is one in a series of four profiles on unknown American artists, selected for an exhibit at the Crystal Bridges
DuCett, a Minnesota-based artist, is one of the subjects we picked from State of the Art, an unprecedented exhibit featuring
A piñata is a singular party prop, made to be beaten into shreds. Its complex character — both celebratory and suggestive
Alvaro Alcazar of his eponymous gallery in Madrid uttered, "As soon as I saw who was coming into my gallery space at Thursday's opening, I knew I was at the right fair."
"Every contribution, no matter how small, is critical because those resources are immediately reinvested in list-building
Leonard Lauder, former CEO of the Estee Lauder Companies Inc. Net worth: $7.6 billion His Horizon Organic Dairy Idaho Farm
While it's encouraging that some U.S. realtors that source from Bangladesh have finally declared a new commitment toward improving the safety of Bangladeshi factory workers, let's hope that these companies will abandon their previous race to the bottom labor practices in favor of protecting human lives.
Ritz describes Bennett’s policies, many of which rely on results from high-stakes standardized testing, as part of a “pass
The reticence of Alice and Christy Walker to provide a basic sense of equality within their corporation -- well, one can go so far as to say it is a betrayal. Should I find myself in a workplace so fraught with inequity, where is my legal recourse?
Here are the world's wealthiest women, according to Wealth-X: Other super-wealthy women that made Wealth-X’s cut include
Forbes' comprehensive list of the world's billionaires (there are 1226) came out recently, and we were curious -- are there women on the list? Turns out, there are.
Whatever its faults, Alice's Palace is, overall, an arresting, rewarding creation. However it stacks up against the great public collections of American art, Crystal Bridges is undeniably a great boon for its art-starved region.
At this point, Alice Walton knows how to brush off the critics. After unveiling plans for the new Crystal Bridges Museum