Everybody has an opinion about the possibility of alien life. In the movies, contact commonly starts with a violent encounter
"We really do know that pretty much every star in the sky hosts at least one planet," says astronomer Adam Frank.
Don't hold your breath, but oxygen may not be as essential to biological life as we once thought. A pair of new papers are
Columbia University astronomers say their laser plan would work, but others aren't so sure.
It will be able to detect and receive signals from outer space and help search for extraterrestrial intelligence.
"Life could spread from host star to host star in a pattern similar to the outbreak of an epidemic."
Just last month astrophysicist Stephen Hawking announced that he was supporting a $100 million program to investigate extraterrestrial
With this discovery, we come ever closer to the idea that life is common in the universe. Perhaps you are not convinced. That is OK; let me speculate what would happen should we ever find evidence of life beyond earth even if you think such discovery unlikely.
Talk about shattering expectations! The research was published online in the journal Geology on Jun 5, 2015. And now, for
Finding life elsewhere would end our cosmic isolation: if there is life in our own planetary backyard, then life is probably common throughout the universe. These enticing possibilities are why my colleagues and I have spent 17 years developing a spacecraft mission dedicated to understanding Europa.
Barnes and his colleagues are calling for more research to determine how common "chaotic Earths" are, and to distinguish
In an interview with HuffPost Live on Thursday, Nye said that with so many galaxies in the universe, chances are that alien