Alison Lundergan Grimes

States aren't just saying no to Trump's voter fraud commission, they're blasting it.
At an afternoon rally in Lexington, Kentucky, Grimes said she is excited and energized and will be going to the state capital
Grimes told the AP she has not decided which office she'll pursue, but said she's been encouraged to consider running for
But in an interview published by The Hill on Wednesday, Judd said she's not ruling out a future in politics. Judd said she
Whether it was dropping f-bombs on HuffPost Live or confusing texting with sexting, politicians said some pretty memorable
Paul announced in early December he would run for Senate again in 2016. He also said he will decide on a presidential run
The 2014 midterm election was such a drubbing for Democrats, so embarrassing in its lopsidedness, that there doesn't appear
The issue isn't what Wasserman Schultz said with regard to a 'top to bottom assessment' but rather who will do the assessment. If it is the same people who planned the mid-terms' non-message we are in for the same problems next time around.
"Have you gone on the YouTube?" one asked in an admittedly extreme example of the crowd's somewhat hidebound ways. While