alison saar

Lita Albuquerque Gisela Colon: "There is a lot of significance attached to a gathering of over 700 women artists in the context
Alison Saar's stories are too personal to neglect, too universal to ignore.
An unsettling cash phenomenon happened in the art world just two weeks ago, when a gigantic pile of money exchanged hands between two major American art philanthropists. A $500 million dollar pile, to be precise.
So my friends, this is the time of year when our guestrooms and couches get crowded with kids, friends, in-laws, you name it... And we are expected to feed and entertain them.
Alison Saar took her chances by showing artworks in the shadow of the Watts Towers, and proved that her art not only holds its own, but also fosters a conversation with the famous Towers.
In the contemporary art world, dominated by conceptual and abstract art, it takes an artist of particular conviction and artistic chutzpah to concentrate exclusively on figurative work.
'In Context' will feature the work of Radcliffe Bailey, Romare Bearden, Hannelore Baron, Hans Burkhardt, Joseph Cornell, Dale
There is definitely an argument for working in close proximity to other artists -- that's why they invented art colonies. The Lou Beaches demonstrate that the family that glues together sticks together.