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A CNN host wanted to know what happened to make the president's longtime buddy flip so drastically from friend to foe.
The national team player explained why she would "absolutely not" accept an invite to the White House.
The columnist revealed new details about the alleged attack in an interview with CNN's Alisyn Camerota on Monday.
Alisyn Camerota, who now hosts CNN's "New Day," said she could "connect the dots."
It's a great country, says Alisyn Camerota, when comedians can mercilessly make fun of the president.
After the Fox News host appeared onstage with the president at a rally, Camerota questioned whether Fox is a news organization.
The "New Day" anchor says that women at Fox News were subjected to emotional harassment and bullying.
After lawmakers and conspiracy theorists put forth claims that they were “coached” to organize a movement for stronger gun laws, survivors of the school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School are responding.
“It is shocking to hear how vocally and unapologetically racist you are. Are you a Nazi?” asked Alisyn Camerota.
"If that’s part of my job as a campaign manager, I do it all.”
“So, we’re not sure that its root is actually in Sanskrit, which is what you’re probably used to using.”
Racist jokes further perpetuate racial privilege.
She says Ailes told her she'd have to meet him at a hotel if she wanted more opportunities at the network.
Alisyn Camerota confronts Trump's former campaign manager about reports CNN journalists didn’t want him hired.