• This bypass defines personal growth as creating and participating in opportunities for verbal processing. Transformation
Question: A while ago, I used to feel an overwhelming connection with Mother Earth, and I was extremely grateful for that
I am thankful to have the dad that I have. I will always live in gratitude for the statue of Muhammad Ali that he gave to me. As I finish this piece, it Is father's day, I am going to spend time with and film more of my Dad for my forthcoming documentary.
Did I mention I wasn't taking care of myself? He doesn't need us to recreate him in statues or to offer other human beings
Another favorite thing I enjoy that helps my holistic healing self-care is cuddling with and playing with my two adorable
I have started a new practice when considering decisions. I now ask myself the following two questions: Does this action have the potential to make a positive impact on someone else? Am I worried about performing the action based solely on others' judgments?
I got a speeding ticket on PCH in the summer for going 5 miles over the speed limit (first wave of judgment arises here, as every day I see crazy sports car drivers going 80mph and I was ONLY going 50mph!).
Complete with oversized wig and dancing doppelgänger.