all nighters

Millions of American college students will be taking final exams this week, which means that many of them will staying up trying to boost their competitive edge. What they should know is that a good 8 hours will put them light years ahead of their classmates.
When I was entering my sophomore year, I piled up my schedule with everything there was. Not only was I taking a heavy course load, I was also in two shows, and trying to work outside of school. In addition, within the first couple of weeks, one of my good friends went through a major life trauma. I wanted to be there for her as much as possible.
Ever since I arrived at college, I have been taking notice of the odd happenings in my life directly tied to little or no rest and have wondered if the same crazy things happen to my fellow classmates.
I am concerned that we have placed so little value on sleep that students ignore its benefits. It is impossible for humans or any species to go without sleep.
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It's finals week at many colleges across the nation, so students will be pulling all-nighters to study for exams. But will they actually study, or will they spend most of their time texting friends? And if they do open their books, will they be studying effectively?
I only pulled one all-nighter during my college career. It was mercilessly sandwiched between two all-dayers, and it was the type that makes you feel like you've been hit on the side of the head with a bag of sand and then been instructed to carry it on your back for a few hours.
The 36-hour "marathon for the middle class" began at noon on Sunday with a health care forum at the Franco American Center