all the single ladies

No need to put a ring on it, thank you very much.
You need a healthy fear of marriage like you need a healthy fear of the ocean," a friend poignantly remarked the other day.
I can write a blog telling you that following these specific steps you won't feel the pain of the loss of your marriage, but I am sorry, I can't do that!! What I can do is share with you what helped not only myself, but my friends, members on my website and coworkers.
You may like this performance so much you want to put a ring on it. During halftime of last Saturday's football game between
Economists have long known that single women were far more likely to lose their jobs during the Great Recession -- in fact
I've never had a problem meeting bread winners. My challenge is meeting a wage earner who cares about something besides himself, his screenplays and Tim Tebow.
DON’T Hook Up With More Than One Member Of The Wedding Party Chances are at least some of the bride and and groom’s attendants
My mom is, of course, not convinced of this singles fad. "Just marry someone like your father," she instructs me, as if it's as easy as picking up a roll of Bounty at the supermarket.
In December the Pew Research Center released data showing that American women are marrying later and less than ever. The
Can MOST women be truly happy single? Though I know it's going to make some people think I'm a crazed conservative, I'm just going to come right out and say it. The answer is no.