A petition says a logo stamped into the sole resembles the word Allah in Arabic and is "blasphemous."
Hijab is a symbol of empowerment.
When I was a toddler, I was terrified of getting my vaccinations. No, terrified is an understatement. My fear was so severe
M. Hasna Maznavi is founder & president of The Women’s Mosque of America, the first women-led mosque in the nation. Hasna
When any religious person claims that a sacred text is "dead" -- in that the understanding of its meaning is fixed forever -- they are directly at odds with their own idea of a living, active God
The Middle Eastern desert has been among the regions worst hit by desertification and drought brought on by climate changes ever since the Dark Ages Cold Period (300-700).
Liberal Justice Here are the results of my latest 2 weeks of polling: Twitter polls have become all the rage and I am continuing