"A rapist might think that’s a good answer," MSNBC host said of Trump's response to new allegations of sexual assault.
The sentencing comes after Sara Netanyahu agreed to a plea bargain over allegations that she misused state money on lavish meals.
Marisa Kwiatkowski followed a tip about USA Gymnastics. Then her phone started ringing.
A Massachusetts judge denied the "House of Cards" star's request to skip a court appearance Monday.
Probe of "numerous allegations" wraps up just in time for the midterm elections.
Sens. Susan Collins and Jeff Flake are among those who haven't said how they'll vote on the Supreme Court nominee.
We understand rapists as permanent "bad guys" who cannot and do not become upstanding citizens. That's simply not true.
A HuffPost analysis revealed thousands of allegations of racial discrimination that haven't been publicly reported.
Pittsburgh's Bishop David Zubik said the diocese didn't find allegations against these few priests to be credible.
Levian D. Pacheco allegedly molested at least eight unaccompanied boys at a Southwest Key immigrant detention facility in Mesa, Arizona.
Even the woman who made the allegation is denouncing the ad as "disgusting dirty politics."
Rafael Caro Quintero, aka “The Prince,” is a fugitive on the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration’s most-wanted list. The alleged leader of the world’s most powerful drug cartel gave an interview while hiding.
The latest indictment includes allegations of wrongdoing as recently as January 2017.