Allegiant Air

An eye-opening report ranks U.S. airlines based on water quality.
"I was saying, ‘Could you please let me go see my dad? Please, he’s dying.’”
Recently a friend asked me what airlines were the safest to fly. I get asked that question all the time. I find the question challenging in part because of the chasm between risk and perceived risk.
Not only will these airlines fly direct and provide codeshare flights, but several offer multiple flights a day for the same price as a domestic flight in the U.S. And the options keep growing.
It's not easy, but with cheap flights out of Bellingham and a little research, budget-minded Canadians can still enjoy a tropical vacation to Waikiki Beach. And remember, the beach is a great equalizer where the rich and not-so rich can rub shoulders
Air/Sea Packages: Yay or Nay? Have a question about air travel? Chances are, it's been answered in our Q and A archive. A
Allegiant is debuting nonstop jet service from Los Angeles to Honolulu starting Oct. 30. And to celebrate, they're offering
We're guessing it was an air traffic controller -- not R. Kelly -- who finally cleared the jet for takeoff; either way, the
The plan, outlined for Bloomberg Businessweek by Allegiant CEO Maurice Gallagher Jr., may sound like the latest attempt to
Allegiant Air announced on Monday that it would start charging passengers $35 for carry-on luggage by Wednesday. According