Allen Jones

The Allen Jones retrospective at the Royal Academy's Burlington Gardens is like walking into a great party, full of like-minded souls dancing to the same music, where life and seduction, and feeling young, disguise any age lines, and make a pretense of being old.
The online magazine Buro 247 has published a story about Dasha Zhukova, the Russian editor-in-chief of Garage magazine, which shows the editrix perched atop a chair designed to look like a half-naked black woman. Ugh.
What do you think of Buro 247's editorial? Is it racist or just art? Tell us in the comments section below. The chair pictured
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William N. Copley was a proto-pop surrealist folk artist with a considerable libido. The whimsical provocateur began his
KL: Do you think the artist in you takes over - or are you just showing the clothes to the best advantage? RH: That's a bit
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As mannequins have been anatomically perfected and increasingly incorporated into the public sphere via window displays, they have also been utilized by artists other than window dressers.