Allen Stanford

“It’s an indication that the investigation is going to extend well into 2018."
Greg Andres is the 16th lawyer on the team.
Obama isn't the only politician who has declined to return Stanford campaign contributions to help make Stanford's defrauded investors whole. A total of 39 candidates and committees have kept their campaign funds despite the pleas by the receiver.
Comeaux was responsible for supervising the brokerage's financial consultants, and received commissions of at least $1.3
5. Charles Ponzi, the O.G. Ponzi schemer: The Italian immigrant fleeced his victims for about $20 million in 1920, or about
Allen Stanford, facing sentencing for running a $7 billion Ponzi scheme, on Thursday blamed the U.S. government for ruining
Texas financier Robert Allen Stanford was convicted on 13 out of 14 criminal counts of fraud. But what most stories failed to mention was the large amount of his clients' cash that was spent on campaign contributions, greasing the corrupt nexus of money and politics for personal gain.
Thing Six: Drugs In Court: Speaking of the wheels on the justice bus going slowly round and round: India's Supreme Court
The tragic grounding of the cruise ship Costa Concordia off the coast of Italy last week, resulting in at least six deaths
Perhaps in response to these and other criticisms, late 2011 has been a proactive period for the SEC. The agency recently
Barasch persisted in his requests even though he directly dealt with Stanford matters while at the SEC and was partly responsible
The federal medical center in North Carolina where Stanford is a patient is part of a four-facility complex that houses low
The former billionaire became addicted to a powerful anti-anxiety medicine in prison. Bernie Madoff, who confessed to leading
A spokesman for the SEC could not immediately be reached for comment. (Reporting by Anna Driver in Houston; editing by Andre
I just returned from Nino's in Manhattan, where the authors of The Club No One Wanted to Join gathered to discuss their book. They are a group of twenty-nine investors in Madoff's Ponzi scheme.
Of course, opponents of reform are hard at work attempting to undermine the SEC in the wake of their action against Goldman
Bernie Madoff is only one of the white-collar offenders exposed this year for bilking the country out of millions. Whether
Queens Democrat, Rep. Gregory Meeks, sometimes accompanied by his wife, Simone-Marie, took six trips to sun-drenched locales