The boy had wandered away barefoot and without a coat during a New Year's Eve party.
"We're scared, but we're trying to keep positive thoughts in our head," his sister said.
Some victims were allegedly targeted at random, while others were people whom West knew. Union County Prosecutor Grace Park
Looking for a way to celebrate St. Patrick's Day that goes beyond a parade and green beer? These four Irish communities around the world draw on their Irish heritage to infuse some meaningful fun into their celebrations.
Only a generation ago, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania had a steel mill employing tens of thousands of people at good wages. The typical casino worker today in Bethlehem makes $10-12 an hour. Many are part-time.
A hospital chaplain said the Fiji-born wrestler told her that he was horsing around with his girlfriend during a bathroom
Open government and transparency are essential pillars of a functioning democracy. But when governments privatize public services and infrastructure, we too often lose access to information and the tools to hold officials accountable.
For more from Maria Rodale, go to       As we say at Rodale, our roots grow deep. And there
Ignoring leaky natural gas infrastructure is risky business. Let's fix what we have, and maximize our efficiency gains, before aggressively expanding. We'll be more sustainable, and safer, that way.
Hazing rituals involving drinking also have been reported at various fraternities and sororities at prestigious colleges
WATCH: Since their own children decided not to have kids of their own, Thomas and Ann Rose decided to look for other children
Asami Hotta picks up a petite pair of pliers, and with the skill of a neurosurgeon, starts turning the bits into a piece of one-of-a-kind costume jewelry.
Iraq veteran, Sgt. Scott Wallace, 23, faced a dilemma: he had no way of getting from his base in North Carolina to his best
I see this as a pivotal moment for American women. For too long, a toxic media environment has stood as a barrier to women
Job losses in the U.S. have been the worst since the 1930s, but new statistics out Friday showed a relatively moderate shedding
This past Saturday, I snagged a seat with the cheerful and hopeful New York Latinos for Obama, a grassroots organization