The news comes two weeks after Ohio's attorney general sued five drug manufacturers for misrepresenting the risks of opioids.
A new initiative to bring more IUDs to the armed forces could change that.
Hillary is no different from the Republicans, the Bernie or Bust folks say, and the same goes for Obama and the Democratic Party in general. Although I do believe Bernie would be the better nominee and president than Hillary, I firmly reject this false equivalency.
It’s hard to win when you’re playing a game of whack-a-mole with the world’s richest companies.
The announcement followed the unveiling of new U.S. Treasury rules on Monday aimed at curbing such deals.
There is a new 21st century health approach to aging in such areas as skin, vision, hearing and muscle and bone mass.
Let's use Pfizer's latest outrage as an incentive to resuscitate reform. Now is the time to force Pfizer--and all of America's big-time corporate tax dodgers--to play fair with the American people. Pfinally.
Don't be surprised if your prescription medication ends up costing more.
It will be the biggest deal ever in the healthcare sector.
The statistics are in. 2012 is officially the year of the silicone breast implant.
Why do all doctors and pharmaceutical companies not disclose conflict of interest information regarding any drug or treatment being prescribed? It seems that all of us as patients have a right to know.
Allergan, the maker of Botox, agreed on Wednesday to pay $600 million to settle charges that it illegally promoted and sold
Coming this fall to certain doctors' offices: A new upscale skin-care line from Estée Lauder Cos.' Clinique Laboratories
When Allergan Inc. hired him as chief executive in 1998, it was generating annual revenue of $1.26 billion turning out nasal