allergy season

You can pop this gel mask in your fridge to get ready for allergy season.
Seasonal allergies or asthma affect more than 60 million Americans, according to estimates, and more than 75 percent of those people report their allergies cause them to lose sleep, resulting in drowsy days.
Due to climate change, spring is starting 14-20 days earlier on average, and pollen is typically released by plants during warm weather.
For some, spring is sunshine and flowers. For others, it's a rare form of torture.
This year's allergy season is being called the "pollen tsunami." Last year, it was the "pollen vortex." And as he showed
I'm suffering from allergies. I know it's not a cold because I'm somewhat of a professional googler.
Oddly enough, denial is a common, albeit useless, allergy-deterring tactic. But with roughly 50 million people in the U.S
When you throw sleep deprivation on top of some already unpleasant symptoms, you're practically guaranteed to feel less than optimal for the next few months. The good news is that with a little bit of effort, you can turn your bedroom into an allergen-free zone -- and get more of the symptom-free rest you crave. Here's how.
Time your activity appropriately. "If possible, pick a time of day to exercise when your allergy-inducing plants don't pollinate
We couldn't be more delighted that Spring is here. Not because we plan to clean or go out and live life to the fullest, though