Alliance Defending Freedom

Republicans are about to confirm lifetime federal judges ages 37, 40 and 46.
Two new bills hope to increase regulations and remove the plate that a lawmaker says has fed over $1 million "to an extremist hate group.”
The Alliance Defending Freedom, which is best known for supporting a baker who refused to make a cake for a gay wedding, is representing the organization.
The GOP letter was signed on behalf of ADF by Michael Norton, an outspoken social-conservative attorney in Colorado, who
Norton, who drafted a 2006 amendment that voters added to the Colorado Constitution defining marriage as between a man and
NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado issued a report yesterday exposing the legislative influence in Colorado of two national anti-choice organizations, Americans United for Life (AUL) and Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), as well as the state-wide network of "crisis pregnancy centers."
Levin discussed a number reasons churches don't take action, ranging from, "The rapture is coming," and "I don't want to scare people away," to, "You're being too political," and, "Separation of church and state."
Discrimination laws protect Christians far more than gays in this country. They restrict a business owner from refusing to serve certain protected classes. At the same time the 1st Amendment protects free speech, and free speech includes the right not to speak.
While the group prefers to talk about its "religious liberty" work when in the media spotlight, ADF is actively working to promote and defend anti-sodomy laws that criminalize gay sex.
An Arizona school district is making sure that students are not educated about abortion in biology class. This week, Gilbert
Fox News helped turn a bogus story about subpoenas sent to a handful of Houston pastors into a national rallying cry for religious liberty. Now the network is helping promote an event that will pit some of the country's most extreme anti-LGBT voices against the city's nondiscrimination ordinance.
Coeur d’Alene officials said they have been caught off guard by the flood of messages they’ve received about the small chapel
At the very least people should get their facts straight first. There is no ministry being forced to perform gay marriages. There is a business that is discriminating, not a ministry. Under the law, businesses don't have the special privileges given to religious groups.
Some individuals claim to want people to have rights such as marriage-equality, and then at the same time attempt to create a legal loophole for discrimination to thwart full equality for LGBT people.
"In my opinion, it says that anybody who doesn't agree with this monument on city grounds is an outsider," Felix testified
A new report from the Southern Poverty Law Center found that the Alliance Defending Freedom, an Arizona-based anti-gay religious
Last year hundreds of pastors participated in the special Sunday event, preaching about American politics and hot-button