alliance for climate protection

In this State of the Union address, much of the President's attention was rightly focused on economic growth. That's why the President was correct to call for investment in clean energy.
We can't count on massive behavior change based on green policies and innovation. We need to focus on implementing them in ways that work for real people.
It's time to unleash innovation and put policies in place that can create jobs, secure our energy independence, and protect our public health -- and our planet's health -- for future generations.
Climate change has the greatest impact on challenges like malaria, poverty, gender inequality and HIV. It's the overlying issue that must be tackled first if we're to handle everything else.
Everything that has happened recently couldn't make it clearer. We have got to start weaning ourselves off fossil fuels.
In a recent tweet, Gore appeared to endorse a statement released by the Alliance's CEO Maggie L. Fox in which she criticized
We must act now on comprehensive climate legislation with an integrated policy that will ensure that this and other possible future environmental disasters are fully paid for by the liable parties.
There are too many urgent reasons to tackle this challenge of a generation, and there is nothing more compelling than hearing them straight from the people who care the most.
Earlier today, Ben Smith reported that McCain research director-cum-press secretary Brian Rogers will begin working as the
It's no secret that that business has always been the fuel in America's economic engine. And creating a green economy is going to be one of the biggest economic drivers in the next fifty years.
Big Coal has spent more than Tobacco did making us think cigarettes were ok, to make us believe the "Saudi Arabia of coal" - the United States - will lead a clean, prosperous future.
Today, Al Gore's Alliance for Climate Protection, League of Conservation Voters, National Wildlife Federation, Natural Resources
An environmental action group founded by former vice president Al Gore is accusing ABC of censoring an advocacy ad the group
This week: 2008 becomes the bloodiest year of the war in Afghanistan; Iraq: war for oil confirmed; ABC refuses climate protection ad; National debt clock runs out of digits; Hidden earmarks.
America's three great national challenges -- our economy, national security and climate change -- can all be addressed by switching to clean energy.
Meeting this challenge will deliver the affordability, stability and confidence our economy needs, as well as a healthy environment, while generating millions of jobs that can't be outsourced.