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A future Supreme Court could halt any further progress toward fair and reasonable immigration policies. It could prevent aspiring citizens from contributing to the country they love.
The Alliance for Justice says Merrick Garland is "highly qualified" to serve on the high court.
Stevens recalled stumbling over a few words while giving his dissent in Citizens United. "I said to myself, 'You're not as
Buried in the fine print of those "terms and conditions of use" is a forced arbitration clause. That means that if you have a dispute with Spotify, you have to take your case to a decision maker at a firm they choose -- not a judge or jury. In addition, if Spotify violates the rights of thousands, even millions, of its listeners, they can't band together to seek justice.
A recent study showed that 94 percent of the time, in cases like these, the judgment goes in the company's favor. Appeal? There is none. The decision is binding, and I have signed away my right to appeal -- that's also in the fine print.
It's hardly news that the judicial nomination process is gummed up. Democrats regularly blast Republicans for blocking Obama's
To uphold standing for a litigant whose record is so bad that it would be swept in under any law implies that those who would uphold Alabama in this case effectively oppose all voting rights for any Americans.
At issue is the fact that Thomas repeatedly checked a box titled "none" on annual financial disclosure forms in response
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