Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers

New cars would alert drivers to check their back seats for passengers after they turn off their engines
CHP hands out an average of 36,000 such citations monthly, but that's only a tiny fraction of the number of drivers using
Of all things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving -- I'm thankful that challenging the government's course and trying to put better ideas on the table are unabashedly patriotic again.
Rather than instituting new standards immediately by Executive Order, Obama's actions gives some breathing (and perhaps negotiating
When it came to rescuing Wall Street, Washington didn't waste a minute. But now that autoworkers are suffering, Washington's put on the brakes.
It's the same story we've been hearing from car-makers, especially those in Detroit, for the past 30 years: "Just wait a little longer and we'll have those new cars and trucks you've been hoping for."