alligator attack

Alligator fatalities in the state are "extremely rare," according to an official.
The child's dad, Matt Graves, was injured after being attacked by the second gator while trying to rescue his son, emails reveal.
The alligator snatched the toddler on June 14 as he played at the edge of the Seven Seas Lagoon, a manmade lake at the Walt Disney Co resort.
Tragedy strikes in Orlando, FL, yet again as the remains of two-year-old Lane Graves have been discovered after the child was reportedly attacked and pulled into the water by an alligator at Walt Disney World's Grand Floridian Resort
Children do not come with a learner's manual. And no matter how much you love them, there will be mistakes and accidents. I am one of the lucky ones. My mistakes did not result in tragedy.
If you've been watching the news or been on the internet the past few days then it's likely that you've seen or read about the tragic death of 2 yr old Lane Graves.
Our first day was spent lounging by our hotel's luscious pool, an attempt to rinse off the tragic news and slip into sunnier times. Then that night the quota of horrible news multiplied exponentially and lurked until we woke up. It was June 12th, my birthday, and the world once again shook with terror. By now, you probably don't need me to recount the atrocious activity that transpired at Pulse Nightclub. It was pure evil.
I was born and raised in Florida and I have seen alligators on golf courses and in parking lots. As a Florida resident, I have been to Disney more times than I have been to Red Lobster.
The killing of a two-year old boy is a sad tragedy in human eyes of course, but what does a vendetta against alligators accomplish?
I, Fredhsu [GFDL ( When a tragic event happens, we've changed from a nation of mourners