Winters said he was dead for several minutes before doctors were able to revive him.
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'It doesn’t matter if they cut every tree and bush on their property, we would not insure it because of where it sits.'
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A new, gay-inclusive commercial has the American Family Association seeing red.
I've been watching college football for years, but it was only at the end of last season that it dawned on me that for a number of those years I've been watching field goals and PATs fly between the uprights and into the "good hands people" net of Allstate Insurance.
Allstate pledges to keep customer data confidential Allstate, the nation's third-largest insurer, declined to comment on
Nate Hudson has been riding motorcycles for 20 years. He's taking the ride of a lifetime in an effort to make life on the
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1. Take four photos of every room. Snap a shot of each angle so you'll have a visual memory of what was there, as well as
You can say I've moved beyond slacktivism and more into activism, but without getting involved originally as a slacktivist, I never would've take the first step to becoming more of an activist.
Former cooperatives like USAA still very much put their customers first. As one of their vice presidents, Eric Vaith put
The study found women who received the financial curriculum significantly improved financial literacy, attitudes, intentions
I was lucky because I knew early on that I wanted to work in advertising. My dad always said I came by it honestly. He and
Wait. Mary and Joseph have picked up baby Jesus and are stepping over the piles of presents. They are leaving the spotlights and the microphones and the piles of presents. Where on earth are they going? What is wrong with them?
When your spouse sends a text asking what you need at the grocery store and you seamlessly look away from the road for a moment to type "milk," it seems like a victimless crime. And it is, until that one time you react a second too late and lives change forever.
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"The advertisement in question showed general images of the destruction caused by Sandy including a partial image of the
With Sandy dying down, it's time to assess the damage. Here are some tips to help you figure out if you're covered: Most
I'm going to make a prediction, right here; right now: This crowdsourcing phenomenon is just getting started and Yammer is just the beginning of what is sure to be a clown-car chase for the best companies in this sector.
Morgan Stanley promised MetLife that the loans backing the securities had been issued on the basis of "specific underwriting