Winters said he was dead for several minutes before doctors were able to revive him.
'It doesn’t matter if they cut every tree and bush on their property, we would not insure it because of where it sits.'
A new, gay-inclusive commercial has the American Family Association seeing red.
I've been watching college football for years, but it was only at the end of last season that it dawned on me that for a number of those years I've been watching field goals and PATs fly between the uprights and into the "good hands people" net of Allstate Insurance.
Lukens says such group encouragement can make a big impact on driving habits -- if done the right way. "It gets iffy when
This summer a motorcycle rider is zigzagging across the country on a campaign to make riding and driving safer for all of
1. Take four photos of every room. Snap a shot of each angle so you'll have a visual memory of what was there, as well as
You can say I've moved beyond slacktivism and more into activism, but without getting involved originally as a slacktivist, I never would've take the first step to becoming more of an activist.
Trap #2 - Bells and whistles. Some insurance companies have increased their profits by selling insurance polices with lower
Two years ago, with no financial resources, she fled the untenable situation. She was homeless until she found a local domestic