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A new, gay-inclusive commercial has the American Family Association seeing red.
"My hope is that she does not face the same obstacles that we did."
I've been watching college football for years, but it was only at the end of last season that it dawned on me that for a number of those years I've been watching field goals and PATs fly between the uprights and into the "good hands people" net of Allstate Insurance.
Autonomous vehicles will mean fewer drivers and accidents. For insurers, that's a problem.
The first thing you see when you enter Pete Silletti's office is the company logo. If you don't recognize the "you're in good hands" corporate art, it is spelled out in huge, shiny silver letters: Allstate.
The study found women who received the financial curriculum significantly improved financial literacy, attitudes, intentions
WATCH a report on Allstate's latest driver safety findings: Surrounding cities didn't fare much better, as Naperville ranked