I ask you today to get uncomfortable, learn, listen and absorb these ways that will allow you to show up and be an ally to the trans community in particular.
This is a plea to my homies: a request for the DJ of your tongue to remix its beats. I ask because what you are doing is throwing off my rhythm with that phrase 'F*ck That P*to' or FTP! This is a hateful phrase that I don't want to repeat, so from now on I will just use the acronym FTP.
Verbalizing support for a cause is a beautiful thing, but one of the biggest problems with calling ourselves "allies" is that too often, we use it as a means of ridding ourselves of any guilt we may be feeling for unintended complicity in the oppression of those we love.
"We want classes to focus on our histories of oppression, but also our histories of resistance."
When I read the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter, I do think of Mike Brown, Eric Garner and Tamir Rice. I also think of Penny Proud, London Chanel and Candra Keels. But I also think of Andre and the two other young queer people of color who been murdered in Pittsburgh in the past two years.
As of today, trans women of color are the most targeted victims of hate. They are murdered by men who pass them on the street, by intimate partners in bed and by lovers who traded in love and understanding for ignorance and violence.
Much of my stand-up is about feminist issues, and because of that, I've been called "man-hating," but I believe when a man talks about feminist issues, people listen more, as disheartening as that is.
October was National Bullying Prevention Month, an annual campaign started in 2006 to illuminate the problem in schools and enhance prevention efforts. However, we still have a ways to go in zero tolerance in schools for bullying.