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I know what you're thinking. Please, not another list of things I can't eat! No, that's not what this post is all about. Think of it more as a troubleshooting session -- finding hidden culprits that could be behind some of your digestive woes and exploring how to make these foods easier to digest.
Realize that the sky didn't have to be blue. In fact, in our corner of the universe, blue skies are an anomaly. Consider
A 21st century Stoic will be careful to distinguish between gourmands, gourmets, and connoisseurs. A gourmand is someone
While this Italian torte bakes, your home will be filled with the bright scent of citrus.
When you see packaged nuts with the word "roasted" on the front, consider this: They may have been heated in trans or other
A thin layer of almond paste compliments the sweetness of the figs, as well as lining the dough to keep it from getting soggy from the filling.
Delicate matcha cookies with the lightness of cherry blossoms.
A no-bake treat that's ready in 30 minutes